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Hi there! Salut ! 

Learning a language on your own can be frightening (I would know!) and some extra support is always welcome. 

If you're interested in learning more with me you can contact me by filling the form below. 

I can help you by either creating a class tailored to your goals, need and current level, follow a traditional course or if you want to leave the lessons aside, you can simply book for a conversation and improve your French accent and pronunciation by chatting with a native (me again!)

One detail: since I live in Malaysia, I'm at GMT+ 8. Which means 12 hours later than New York, 15 hours later than Los Angeles, 8 hours later than London... you get the picture. It's always possible to find the right time though, just, I thought you should know. 

All of my classes are given through Preply. They allow me to get in touch with French learners and students to find me. Their system is one of the most practical and simplest I have seen after working with several websites offering the same type of service.

My fare starts at 5$ but can be a little higher if you have requirement that necessitate creating more than 5 pages of learning content a week. Meaning, I have several lesson plan available, but if you have something in particular that needs some extra resource and I need to create more than my average 3 pages per student a week, the fare will be 2 to 5 dollars extra. 

If you have any questions, you can contact me to learn more about the program, or go here to check it for yourself.

Visit my profile here to register and take classes with me! 

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