Custom-made Curriculum

custom made curriculum

My curriculums:

As I have privately tutored for over two years on my own now, I have created a curriculum from beginners to A1 and then A1 to A2 level. 
I am willing to share this curriculum and / or the content of the course to parents homeschooling their children or new teachers looking for a full program to start with. The course is available in one hour, two hours and three hours sessions. 
All of these are my own personal notes and I vouch for their result. That said, it is always preferable that you tailor your class to your student's needs, goals, background and learning preferences. 

To request a curriculum:

If you have specific needs, I can help you create a curriculum for you or your student's personal objectives.
Email le any questions you might have, request a quote or simply ask for resources. I have plenty in stock so if I can help you in anyway I would be glad to.
I have worked in the past with dyslexic students and I intend to create more courses for students with disabilities. If you are interested in collaborating to create such a program, email me: