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My name is Annick, I'm a French native and online tutor. I want to show you that learning French can be easy and hassle free. You can visit France and learn the language simply. Improving yourself and your career, one little step at a time, while getting a great language learning routine. I've been a private teacher in Malaysia for several years which has allowed me to be in contact with students and learners of all ages, and with various backgrounds. My experience with different students has allowed me to adjust to their learning needs but also to find ways that can suit most people. I love learning new languages and discovering new cultures! It's the best way to truly connect and bring new experiences and knowledge to life.

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I'm Annick, the owner and founder of Selfrench. I work online to help learners improve their language learning routine, as well as providing courses for everyone wishing for a new way to learn and practice

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