5 Inspiring Quotes to boost your French

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  • I took French in high school (all 4 years), which was nearly 10 years ago. XD

    So I attempted to guess what the quotes meant before reading your translation. It didn’t go so great. :P

    Part of me is still interested in learning – or at least maintaining – French.

    Stephanie Kay on

  • Hi Annick! I’m doing the 7 day course and on day 6 there is no link to download the PDF. I’m just letting you know :)

    Claire on

  • Hi Mary, thanks! I made the pictures myself using Canva. For inspiration, I look for quotes on Pinterest.
    You can download the IG formatted and Printables quotes from my resource library and reuse them as you wish (not by selling them, anything else is fine).
    Hope I could help!

    Annick Hary on

  • Love these. Where did you find the images?

    Mary on

  • Hi Annick! My boyfriend and I are currently learning French and these quotes are so helpful and easy to remember because of the great context behind them.


    xo Gennifer

    Gennifer Rose on

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