The 4 Week Course - Create a French learning routine

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  • Loved the course! Thanks a lot for the great prices!

    Alice on

  • Hi Catherine! Well, the course is not suitable for someone over a B1 language, or that would be too easy I think. But you have a lot of freedom. For example: when I ask you to look for new words (first lesson) you can look for easy, basic words if you don’t know them or you can look for more complicated ones. Most of the time, you can adjust the level of difficulty to your needs so it’s quite large in that way.

    Annick Hary on

  • Hello! I’m very interested in the course, but I’m not sure what demographic this is aimed for. I have already taken several courses, but I am definitely not fluent. I just want to know if the course will be too difficult or basic for someone who has studied French for a few years.

    Catherine on

  • Great post, always wanted to learn a 3rd language!

    Michelle on

  • Thanks Amber! Have you registered to try to win the course?

    Annick Hary on

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