5 French Books to read for beginners

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  • The first book I read in French was La Gloire de mon père by Marcel Pagnol. It was brilliant! And I read it while I was in Provence, where the book is set, so it made it even better.
    It took a while to read and I might have been better off reading one of his easier works, like the Marius/Fanny/César trilogy.
    A French friend in his 50’s told me that for people his age, La Gloire de mon père was the first “grown up” book they read in school, at about age 11, so it has special meaning for them.

    Keith Van Sickle on

  • J’aime Lire is great for reading! They even have a free app now that comes with one or two free books. Then you can purchase other books. Many of the books even have an audio component so the app will read the book to you!

    Rowena on

  • I read books from “la bibliotheque rose” and “la bibliotheque vert” and it’s great because these books are mainly for children but the stories are interesting enough for adults too

    Lena on

  • Hi Marie! Yes I used to practice with children’s books, it’s fine when you’re just getting started and all you want is decipher words and short sentences. I recommend the Mrs. Men, (in French "Monsieur Madame) the stories are simple but the sentences are above average, they use various tenses and a rich vocabulary!

    Annick on

  • Great list! I tried some children books I found in a library, not really fascinating, but it does the trick! I’ll move to 9-12 years old novels when I can.

    Marie on

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