7 apps you need to learn french

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  • Thank you for the list. I love learning languages. French is one of them I really want to learn. I am going to check on these apps.


    chase on

  • Thank you for this list. I already use Duolingo, and really like it, but I haven’t tired any of the others. Numbers 5 and 6 sound like lifesavers.

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

    Emma | Creative Explorations on

  • Hi Linda, thanks a lot! I don’t have that issue, but I think it would indeed be very useful particularly with some difficult or irregular conjugation, it can be hard to recognize the infinitive form of the verb. (aller can be so tricky “vais”, “irais”… are forms that absolutely don’t match the original form).
    Thanks again, I will add this to the list!

    Annick on

  • This was a great list! You mentioned wanting to be able to input the conjugated verb and have an app tell you what the infinitive verb is, the best app I have found for this is WordReference. WordReference has been a great source for me since moving to France. Conjugations can be tricky, this app tells you what what tense and voice the conjugated verb is in while telling you the infinitive it was derived from. You can also input a word, the app shows you tons of translation options as well as common word combination that can change the meaning of a single word when used in a phrase. It is a great way to learn word usage variations. Again, thanks for the list.

    Linda on

  • What a timely post! I’m learning French right now and can use all the help I can with apps. I currently have Duolingo but I’ll certainly take a look at these other ones!

    Angela J. Ford on

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