Complete guide: learn the colors

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  • There are several minor mistakes in the “Let’s Try This” section.

    In English, “t-shirt” is spelled with a hyphen.
    -A purple t-shirt. (masculine singular) = Un t shirt violet.

    In English, a small horse is called a “pony”, not “poney”.
    -A white pony. (masculine singular)= Un poney blanc.

    Many thanks for all the guides. I hope you do many more. They are very helpful.

    Philip on

  • Thanks Sumayah, I hope you enjoy your program!

    Annick on

  • Hello
    My name is Sumayah … I’m interest to learn french
    Your blog is very helpful but for me that i don’t know how to pronunce in french .. Seem harder to me :(

    Sumayah on

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