Visit France: The Practical Guide

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  • Glad you like it victoria! Best of luck with your new life in France!

    Anna: Yes I’ve heard of it. It’s certainly fun if you leave on holidays with your backpack or without hotel reservations and stuff… I’m not sure I’d dare to try though!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Annick on

  • That is such a great travel guide. I am moving to France in a week, so sure thing I ll use some of your tips to get around. Versailles Express sounds something I would love to do. Thanks for sharing!

    Victoria on

  • Thanks for the tips! I was thinking about the “stay behind” technic in airports. Not sure how its’s called, but I read that when flights are too full, some people have to stay behind and take the next one. Then the airport pays for them. Some people purposely volunteer to stay behind and get their trip paid for

    How do you feel about that?

    Anna on

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