16 Places to see in Caen and Normandy

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  • Haha yes Jennifer, it can be pretty cold! But Normandy is just so lovely

    Annick Hary on

  • Great article and pictures! I loved my trip in Normandy, I went to Deauville, such a beautiful place, but so so cold!

    Jennifer on

  • Thanks Gigi! Yes they are a great place to visit in Normandy. The first time I went just as a trip to the beach and I decided to come back with a tour. If you’re interested in History, the guided visit is a very interesting option, they will show you the different beaches and explain how event unfolded during D-day. Traveling in time AND at the beach! =D

    Annick Hary on

  • Thanks for this tour! I’ve been thinking about visiting the beaches of Normandy at some point!

    gigi on

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